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St. Ann's second grade teacher, Traci Brennan, grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. Mrs. Brennan has taught at St. Ann's for 6 years. She and her husband of 25 years (congrats!!), John and kids, Graham (23) and Hannah (21 on New Year's Day) moved to Wisconsin 7 years ago. Graham was in the Air Force for 2 years and is now at UW Stout. Hannah is in the nursing school at UW Oshkosh. John is a photographer who spent several years traveling the country for national magazines. The couple now photograph schools, dance studios and some family and senior portraits. 

When asked what her favorite part about teaching 2nd grade was, Traci said, "Second grade is a great grade to teach because the kiddos love school. I enjoy watching them mature and change throughout the year.  I like the 2nd grade curriculum. My students love starting cursive in January and I enjoy teaching it too!" Below are some answers to additional questions we asked. 

What are you working on with your class now? 
We are learning sentence structure and will soon write a friendly letter to a friend. Math is something new every day! Yesterday was horizontal and vertical lines, today we learned how to name fractions and tomorrow we will weighing objects! We just wrapped up our Social Studies unit on maps and the kids made a grid map of our classroom! In religion we are learning about the seven sacraments and are preparing for our First Reconciliation.

What might people be surprised to learn about you? 
I've danced most of my life and was a dance teacher for 25 years. I owned my family's dance studio that my mother previously owned and my sister currently owns. I have several former dance students that are performing professionally all over the world.

My favorite vacation destination is any place warm and tropical; I'm a "Harry Potterhead" so those are my favorite books and my current favorite T.V. show is The Blacklist.

What do you like to do when you are not teaching?
I enjoy visiting friends back home in Illinois and in Lake Geneva

How would you say you strive to live the St. Ann’s mission in your teaching and/or with your students/in your classroom? 
I put my faith at the forefront of who I am as a teacher at St. Ann...Leading by example, through our curriculum and schoolwork, on the playground, in emails to parents. I try to not just "preach" the faith, but to live it as well.

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