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Classroom Spotlight: 1st Grade
Bailey Family Feature 

Jim and I (Stephanie) moved to Stoughton in 2003 shortly after we got married. The cute downtown really drew us here and at the time Jim worked on the east side of Madison. We have 3 children- Alex 8th grade, Sammie 5th grade, and Grace 1st grade. We have attended St. Ann church since we moved here. I knew Father Healy a little because I used to go to church sometimes in Cross Plains with my cousins when I was little, so we were thrilled when we joined and he was the priest. When we had children, we wanted them to grow up in a school where they could talk about God and their faith. I went to a Catholic School growing up in Portage and it was such a great time in my life. There is love, community, strong academics, small class sizes, and a lot of fun in this school. 

My favorite part about having the kids here is how the different grades interact. I love seeing the 8th graders with their kindergarten buddies or a 6th grader helping out a 1st grader at mass. Another part I love is how there is open communication and a family atmosphere. I can ask any of the teachers anything and I know they all want what is best for the kids. They challenge them, support them, encourage them and show them how to make smart choices. They lead by example. They are also accountable and not afraid to admit is maybe they could have done something a little better or different. 

Some of our favorite St. Ann's memories include: First Communion for Alex and Sammie - such a special day! Seeing Grace with her 8th grade buddies last year ("the two Lilly's she called them) Lily Talbert and Lilianna Kleven. She still talks about them and gives them huge hugs when she sees them. We also love all the family events too like the Spaghetti Dinner, Bingo Night, Movie Night! I encourage all to attend these fun events. 

As we think about 1st grade, we are most looking forward to Grace learning how to read more independently. We love hearing stories about her day... how Mr. CW did something that made her laugh or how she helped out a friend or what awesome food they had for lunch. Seeing the first grade kids just interact with each other, learn, and grow is very exciting. They are a fun class!

I see the mission come alive in all the great examples from parents, teachers, Father Randy, and the kids. They all learn from each other and are typically not afraid to share their faith, what they are learning, what their goals are, etc. St. Ann's fosters an environment of loving growth, compassion, and academic excellence. Grace knows God loves her and that is because of all the examples she see's everyday of God's love. She is going to join Angel Choir and I can't wait to see her share her love of God through singing. 

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