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Spotlight on the Kindergarten Classroom - Sept. 2019

The perfect place to kick off the "Classroom Spotlight" feature is with our newest St. Ann’s students and the teacher who helps our youngest students get their school career off on the right foot, Abby Boehm. Mrs. Boehm, currently in her 4th year of teaching at St. Ann’s, began in the 5th grade classroom and moved into the Kindergarten room last year. The children’s genuine excitement for learning and building a relationship with God is what she describes as her favorite part of teaching this age group. She says, “They are eager to know more about school, their friends and teachers, but mostly importantly about God and how he’s present in their lives.”

Mrs. Boehm is originally from Waunakee and is a UW-LaCrosse graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. After landing her first teaching job at a private pre-school in Minnesota, she became the director of the two-campus school until 2016 when she and her husband, Sam, decided to move closer to family. That's when her journey took her to St. Ann’s. Now, the couple along with their daughter, Emmie, live in Deforest.

When asked to give us an idea of what is going on in the Kindergarten classroom, Mrs. Boehm explains, “We're starting to get into the full swing of school now that we're understanding ‘how school works,’ and all the routines. We just met our first Superkid, Cass, in reading who teaches us the letter "Cc" and the sound that it stands for. We're discussing Creation in religion and also exploring ‘what is science’ through our five senses.”

To learn more about Mrs. Boehm and find out something most people don’t know about her, check out her answers to a few questions we asked her below: 

What is your favorite book? 
Harry Potter Series (specifically book 5, Harry Potter and the Order  of the Phoenix). Sirius Black is my favorite character!

What is your favorite T.V. Show? 
Parks and Rec 

Describe one of your favorite traditions. 
I was born in Memphis, TN and still go back often as my extended family is in Nashville. To keep those southern roots, we adorn our Christmas tree with only blue lights, like Elvis did!

What do you like to do when you are not in school?
I enjoy spending time with my family when I'm not at school. We like to go to the library, play at parks, and enjoy a good movie at the theater! I'm lucky to live just a few miles from my sister and her family, so Emmie and her cousins get to have a lot of playdates! Target trips are also a favorite family outing we usually do on the weekends - window shopping and finding the bullseye dog around the store is a family favorite!

What is something most people might not know about you?
If I weren't a teacher, I would be a paleontologist! I went on a dinosaur dig right before heading to college, where a small group and I drove out to Kansas to find and bring back fossils to my local high school science lab. I explored farmland outcrops where the earth was eroded and the tiniest bit of fossils were exposed. Often times it is was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. After we found an exposed fossil, we would carefully begin to excavate to see how much more of the skeleton we could find. Once we found the extent of it, we would trench around it and plaster up the chunk of land to load into our van and bring back! We found mostly the fossils of mosasaurs.

How do you try to live the St. Ann's Mission?
I strive to always lead by example. I want my students to see me learning, praying, serving and loving others to help them see what that looks like. With that example, I can then give them opportunities to carry out our mission in their own lives, all while working together. The Saint Ann's school community is a continual blessing in my life, and I want my students to feel that same comfort and excitement to come to school and be close to God, like I feel every day. Prayer circle is my favorite part of our Kindergarten day, where we practice different types of prayer, listen to each other's prayer intentions, and build that relationship with God and one another in a genuine, intentional way. And, I can tell you, those Kinder prayers are powerful! 

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