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St. Ann's Home & School Trash to Treasure Program participates in the following recycling and fundraising programs. Please consider helping with these programs to benefit our school. Most items can be dropped off in the Trash to Treasure boxes located in the hallway by the faculty lounge (near the school kitchen). 

  • Ticonderoga Pencils - Please save the Prang Power UPC points from your Ticonderoga pencil purchases. These points can be sent in for free supplies (mostly art supplies) for St. Ann School.

  • Box Tops for Education - Box Tops have a value of 10 cents each. You can either cut them out from the products you purchase and bring them to school, or the program now has an app you can use to scan your receipt to record any Box Top items purchased sending the funds to the St. Ann account. For a list of products in this program, please visit the Box Tops website.

  • Coco Cola Give - Every Coca Cola product has a 14 digit code printed somewhere on it. Enter this code on the Coca Cola Give website, https://us.coca-cola.com/give/, for a cash return to St. Ann's. An individual account will need to be set up to enter these codes. If you prefer, you can drop the codes off at school, and a member of the Trash to Treasure Committee will take care of entering them.

  • Inkjet and Toner Cartridges - Used ink and toner cartridges are collected and sent in for recycling. A cash amount is paid to St. Ann School for all cartridges recycled.
  • Best Buy - Best buy offers points for each purchase linked to the school's phone number (608-873-3343). The name on this account is Virginia Carrano. These points can be redeemed by the school for reduced prices on products.

  • Red Robin - Red Robin has a program where a portion of each purchase linked to a reward card assigned to St. Ann School is rebated back to the school.

  • Colgate Oral Care Recycling - Used toothbrushes and packaging dental floss, packages, and toothpaste tubes can be sent in to be recycled. If the box sent in for recycling is over 40 pounds, there is a small financial payback. Produces from any brand, not just Colgate, can be recycle through this program.

  • Pop Tabs for Ronal McDonald House - Tabs from canned beverages (soda, beer, energy drinks, etc.) are collected and taken to a recycling center for the current rate of aluminum per pond. The money is sent directly to the Madison Ronald McDonald House with a note saying it is a donation from St. Ann School.

  • Cell Phones - Donated cell phones are collected and given to an organization that either recycles them or gives them away for use to military service members stationed overseas. 

  • Crayola ColorCycle - This program accepts any used markets (washable, permanent, highlighter, dry-erase) to be recycled. the postage is paid by the program for the school to send in  box full of markers to be recycled.

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