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Welcome to the Scrip program!

My name is Jim Opitz and I'm the chair of the St. Ann Home & School Association Scrip Program. 

What is Scrip? For those who may not be familiar with Scrip, it is a very simple fundraising program that allows our school to benefit from the shopping you are already doing by purchasing gift/cash cards through the school. Essentially, you purchase cash cards for participating retailers for face value and the retailer donates a portion of the purchase back to the school.

How does it work? Here is an example of how it works: You buy a Pick n Save card for $100 and get a card worth $100 to use at Pick n Save. The school earns 4% so we get $4 from your purchase. The percent by retailer but typically ranges from 1.25% to 20%. This might not sound like a lot but it adds up very quickly - especially when many people are participating.

How do I sign up? This year we would like to offer an incentive to encourage more participation in the Scrip program. The first step is to sign up for an account at
www.shopwithscrip.com​. The enrollment code is 8DA9F4356219.Once you have an account set up it allows me to track what you purchase. You can place an order online or after masses or at school. I will try to be at school before and after school on Tue. and Fri. I may be there on other days but you can stop in the office if I’m not there. We have many of the more common local cards on hand. You can get a full list online or get a paper copy in the rack near the office. 

What is the incentive? This year when you earn $100 for the school we will give you a $10 credit on your next order. When you earn a total of $200 you will get a $20 credit on your next order. For every $100 after $200 you earn for the school we give you a $30 credit on your next order. The incentive runs from July 1, 2019 until June 30, 2020. The more you use the Scrip program the more it benefits the school and the more you can earn. If you prefer you can also donate your credit back to the Scrip program.

How can you pay for Scrip? If you order at school or masses you must pay for it with a check (payable to St Ann Scrip) or cash. If you order online you can pay with a check, cash or have it taken directly out of your checking account (fee is $.15 per order), or you can pay with credit card (fee is 2.6% of you order)

When can you get Scrip? Any time the school office is open. We prefer if you come before or after school when I can help you but Diane can help you if I am not there. We try to be after most masses on the weekends. You can place an order online or send an order in with your child along with a check to be given to me via the office. If you want cards sent home with your child just let me know and I will gladly do that for you. We try to place orders on Tuesday and they are normally in on Thur or Fri.

What should you order for cards? I say only order what you are planning to use in the next week or two. We don’t want you holding on cards and not using them. Keep in mind that you can get cards every week if you like. I also recommend that you look at where you visit the most and not always who gives the biggest discount.

What if you need a card right away? Some of the retailers offer reloads and electronic cards. You can order these online and pay online and they are ready within minutes or you can send a check to school and I will release the order as soon as I get the check.

What is our goal? Last year we made just over $5000 with very little participation from school families. This year our goal is again $5000 but what we can make is really a lot more than this. There are many private schools, smaller than we are, that make $30,000 or more from the Scrip program. Imagine what we could do for our school and kids with all the extra money you help us raise.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at jimopitz@charter.netor catch me at the school. I hope your children have a great year at St Ann’s school.

God Bless You
Jim Opitz 

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